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Directors: Bruce Bragg & David Bastock.

So what is the difference between funeral companies? What makes one company better than another? How do you compare them?

about Bastock and Bruce Knowle

Established and experienced

You need to make sure you are dealing with a competent professional.  Not many people realise that the funeral industry is completely unregulated. Anyone can open their doors as a funeral director without any formal training, qualification or premises inspection. Make sure you are dealing with an established company with fully trained, competent staff. Ask if you can look round all of their premises, not just the parts they want you to see.

A lot of funeral directors use part-time staff which we think removes the personal touch from making the arrangements.  You may have to speak to several different people in the time leading up to the funeral which in our view is not ideal. We believe continuity is vital and so all our funeral arrangers are full time and have many years experience. Your own personal funeral arranger will be your constant point of contact throughout the process, making sure every detail is taken care of.

So what does make us different from all the other companies?  We have mentioned some of the practical differences here, but in summary:

  • The absolute care
  • The generations of skill
  • The attention to detail
  • Our dedicated full-time staff
  • Above all, the pride that goes into every single funeral we arrange…

Our own fleet of top of the range vehicles

We own, maintain and valet all our own vehicles, this ensures they are reliable and presented to a very high standard on the day. It also means we can quickly commit to providing your funeral on the date and time you would like. You are reassured in the knowledge that our hearse and any limousines you require are reserved for your personal use on that day.

We never rely on hiring vehicles and staff like some other funeral companies, as this can mean that vehicles come from different places, do not match, the drivers are not uniformed and are not used to working together.  All our vehicles are driven by our own fully trained, full time, uniformed chauffeurs.  These staff also act as the bearers to carry the coffin if you wish. They work as a team to make sure that the coffin is conveyed in a dignified and professional manner.

All funeral companies talk about the care your loved one will receive, but what does this actually mean?  We cannot speak for other funeral directors, but we can tell you what this means to us.  You are entrusting us with looking after your loved one and it is something we take very seriously. We always send a minimum of two people to convey your loved one into our care. This ensures that they are handled in a dignified and respectful manner. We use Ferno Washington or Auden removal equipment specifically designed for the purpose.  A disposable pillow and sheet is used to make sure your loved one is kept clean and comfortable. During their stay with us they are kept in temperature controlled conditions and we regularly check if any hygienic or cosmetic attention may be needed during their stay.

about Bastock and Bruce Knowle

Hand Crafted and Personal

All our coffins are hand upholstered by our own craftsmen.  We truly believe we are the only funeral directors locally who still do this. Most companies just line the coffin in a waterproof plastic and then a cotton frill is attached around the edge of the coffin, the inside of the lid of the coffin will remain untouched. It’s common practice for most funeral directors to buy their coffins with handles already on and the interiors already in place. What we do is a world apart from this.

Respect & attention to detail

Our coffins are not ‘one size fits all’.  We carry a large range and they are all different sizes, to suit the requirements of the deceased.  Even then, the interior is upholstered to make sure the size of the person and what they will be wearing is accommodated.  The coffin is lined, then a head pillow is fashioned, and handmade side pillows are fitted.  The interior is covered in pure white cotton which is upholstered with brass pins. Lastly the deep sateen liner in a choice of colours is applied.  The lid of the coffin is then lined with cotton and edged with lace braid and upholstery pins.  Most people will never notice our attention to detail but for us, that’s not the point. It’s how it should be done!